ProShow Gold Notes

ProShow Gold – Creating Audio/Visuals

Please note these notes have been written based upon testing with ProShow Gold 3.2.

Structure of a show

How does an image scale on the screen?

Creating a Show

Settings for Creating an Executable

“Menus” tab

“Shows” tab

“Output Options” tab

Dictates how much detail is stored in your show.

Windows startup is ignored when start maximised is ticked. When you run the EXE and start maximised is ticked your menu appears to cover the screen, if you have no menu the show runs immediately. If you untick start maximised then the window startup option is used when you run the EXE. If you have a menu this could allow the operator to run the EXE - have it wait at the menu and show some other show - maximising the show manually when he/she is ready to run it.

Recommendation: Window startup = 800x600 / Start Maximised = Ticked.

Limit image display size: When ticked allows you to specify the absolute maximum displayed size in pixels of the image on screen. During display, your show is normally scaled to fit the window (or full screen), your show will not grow bigger than this size even if your stretch your window bigger.

Recommendation: Limit image display size = Not Ticked.

Loop show: When ticked and if there are no menus then the show repeats. For presentations to an audience it is probably better if the show doesn't automatically repeat. There are sometimes however where it might be fun to have a show repeating on a TV during a party.

Recommendation: Loop show = Not Ticked.

Quality / Performance

These options determine the quality of the EXE that is created. Resizing occurs before rendering. Image quality probably refers to the storage of the resized images.

Rendering: The maximum resolution in pixels of the displayed frames/transitions in the show. When not ticked appears to default to 800x600.

Recommendation: Rendering: Tick and specify the maximum image resolution you will want to present this show at.

Resizing: "Specifies how your photos are resized before being rendered. This eliminates the need to resize your images before bringing them into ProShow Gold."

Recommendation: Resizing - Manually limit images: Don't tick if small number of photos in the show.

If large number of photos and no zoom effects then tick and specify same pixel dimension as Rendering.

If large number of photos and zoom effects, consider making resized copies in Photoshop first and not here.

Image quality: Determines the level of quality / compression tradeoff for images (frames?) stored in the show. I see no need to reduce the quality of images. You could possibly change this figure if your EXE was monstrously large but then there may be other better choices for getting the size down. You would need to experiment with this figure if you were going to change it down.

Recommendation: Image quality: 100%.

Video Output Quality

Resolution: "Resolution allows you to specify the video resolution."

Quality: "Quality sets the general quality level used to encode your video clips for the show" I have not tested Proshow with video clips so this recommendation is on the off chance that the settings may affect transitions which in reality they might not. Not having video clips in my show these setting won't hurt by leaving them at high. Needs retesting if I include video clips in my show.

Recommendation: Resolution: High Resolution, Quality: High Quality.

Audio Output Quality

Quality: "Quality sets the general quality level used to encode your audio for the show" I have not heard any noticeable difference between Medium and High quality audio settings. Low is worse. Will depend on the sound system and the quality of the music. Test if in doubt.

Recommendation: Audio Quality: Medium Quality.

Other ProShow Settings

When you preview your show in ProShow the quality of the display may be different to the final exe depending on your settings.

Some scenarios

Camera club presentation projector with 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024x768 resolution, ignores the colour space of the input but is calibrated to sRGB. The show is not using zoom effects.

Creating the show.

Ensure your images are sRGB. If say you captured them on a DSLR set to Adobe RGB space, you will need to convert them to sRGB using Photoshop or some batch program. Save as copies to a folder.

Creating the executable:

Limit image display size: Not Ticked. Loop show: Not ticked. Rendering: Tick and specify 1024x768. Resizing: Tick and specify 1024x768. Image quality: 100%. Video Output Quality - Resolution: High Resolution, Quality: High Quality. Audio Quality: Medium Quality